Group Nutrition Talks


I can offer nutrition talks tailored for the group. Contact me for information on pricing.


The importance of Nutrition is seriously underestimated.  A healthy balanced diet can reduce the risk for numerous dietary related illnesses such as Type 2 Diabetes, Heart disease, Obesity, Eating disorders and more.  I can discuss a range of topics with your group such as;

  • Basic Nutrition
  • How To Eat Healthy and Save Money
  • Acidosis & Bone Health
  • How To Build a Healthy Relationship With Food
  • The Brain Gut Connection (Nutrition For a Healthy Gut)
  • Nutrition & Hormones (covers mood, menstruation, menopause)
  • Nutrition For Kids
  • Nutrition For Teens

Prices start at €200 for a 90 minute talk, but I can also work more closely with your group on a regular basis so please contact me to discuss price plans.


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