The earliest evidence of boxing dates to 3000BC in Egypt.  It was introduced as a sport in the early Olympic games by the ancient Greeks tin the 7th century BC.  In the ancient Olympics boxers would have their hands bound in leather for protection.  The Romans swapped leather gloves for gloves studded with metal for their Gladiators…unfortunately this meant at least one Gladiator would be fatally injured or even killed in the ring.  Amateur boxing matches resurfaced after a while in 17th century England involving 5 separate weight classes.  Women’s boxing made its Olympic debut in the 2012 London games where Katie Taylor become the first female lightweight Olympic gold medallist.  Boxing increases your core strength a & stability, endurance and cardio fitness as well as improving hand-eye co-ordination, balance, alertness and your mood by reliving feelings of stress, frustration and anger.

Séanna Jackson has given us an insight into why he feels boxing is such a great sport, and why you should maybe give it a go!

  1. when you started boxing (age)?

I started aged 11

  • Where you started training?

I started training at Dunfanaghy Boxing Club

  • What got you interested in boxing?

Boxing runs in my family, my dad, every one of my uncles on both sides boxed at some point, my older cousins on both sides and even my great grandmother boxed. I played soccer also for a few years, but I was starting more fights than I was scoring goals, so my Dad decided to take me round to Eddie Harkins boxing club in Dunfanaghy.

  • How does boxing make you feel? (does it make you feel stronger, younger, healthier ect?)

 Boxing makes me feel stronger, faster, younger. It makes me feel as though I am working towards something all the time. In boxing you can only get better and that’s what drives me forward in the sport.

  • What are the main physical health benefits that boxing has for a person?

Boxing is a great way to keep fit and it’s probably one of the best ways I can think of. The saying “fighting fit” doesn’t come out of nowhere.

  • What are the main mental health benefits that boxing has for a person?

Boxing is such a great sport in my opinion to help with mental health issues. In boxing you are taught to keep your chin down but your eyes up both protecting yourself and being ready to attack your opponent. This is also a great way for me to convey a strong message for pushing through and overcoming mental health issues. Keeping your head down and remember focus on yourself and look after yourself and keeping your eyes up and looking forward for the great things to come in your future.

  • Can anybody take a boxing or self-defence class, or do you have to be naturally strong?

Boxing as I said is a great sport to keep fit and there are no requirements to be a boxer all you need is a willingness to learn and to improve and dedication to getting better and fitter. Being naturally strong can benefit you in competition but it is not the be all and end all. Boxing is a game of wits and is a mental battle most of the time. Being able to outsmart your opponent is the most important thing. 

  • Are you ever too old or young to start taking boxing classes?

Not at all. Boxing at any level is for anyone. Whether you are 6 or 60 you can start boxing.

  • What would your advice be for someone who would like to try boxing or MMA, but feels too self-conscious?

Everyone has to start somewhere, if you walk into a gym and can barely skip or haven’t got the greatest form you have to be willing to stick at it and get better over time. When it comes to boxing you have to strive for progress not perfection.

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