2022 Health Trends

A health trend isn’t always good. Especially when it’s a load of B******t! However, the predicted health trend for 2022 are in my opinion, pretty sound and it would probably benefit most people to take heed of them.

A new years resolution can be anything and most people usually include some sort of health related resolution. Sadly 90% of the time it has to do with weigh, body composition and focuses more on how you look and not how you feel. I always say if you focus on feeling good on the inside it will shine through!

So if you want to really improve your health this year why not try focusing on these health and wellbeing elements.


This health trend isn’t a new one. With the current pandemic having a health immune system is so important. It’s not always easy. So many things effect our immune system whether it be positively or negatively. Lack or sleep, chronic stress, poor nutrition, illness can put extra strain on our immune system so it’s not strong enough to fight off illness. Enough good quality sleep, a balanced diet, avoiding stress when possible and having effective coping mechanisms (exercise, meditation, reading, laughing etc) are all things you can do to keep yor immune system strong.

Gut Health

Also not a new health trend and hopefully this year more people will start to take it seriously. I’ve said it before and will say it again and again! Our gt is our second brain and if you don’t look after it as best you can you are seriously increasing your risk for many illnesses including many mental disorders like depression and anxiety. Try to include more high fibre foods like wholegrain bread, past and rice, fruit & vegetables, nuts & seeds. Also try to cut back on refined sugar. This does NOT mean cut back on carbohydrates. If you want to know the difference be sure to read my blog on Carbohydrates. Refined sugars from foods like sweets, fizzy drinks, energy drinks, chocolate, cakes, buns, biscuits, ice-cream, jam, honey, maple syrup. These carbohydrate food contain little to no fibre so the sugar enters your bloodstream super fast causing a blood sugar spike (not good). Also drinking plenty of water, especially when increasing your fibre consumption, will help keep your gut healthy.

Stress Management

Like I said above, chronic stress will compromise your immune health. In todays world it is very difficult, i’d go as far as saying impossible, to avoid stress 100%. Finding something that helps your relax or release stress is probably a good idea. This is not the same for everyone. Some people find going for a run helpful while others would find this torture (me!). I like to get a massage or read a book. Meditation is also something you should at least try. When I first tried it i wasn’t very optimistic, but it definitely works. I mainly use it to help me sleep. There are loads of really good meditation apps out there now. I’ve been using the Calm app.

Skin Health

‘Maskne’ is the new akne. If you are prone to outbreaks anyway, having to wear a mask for long periods of time probably doesn’t help. Not being a dermatologist I can’t comment of specific treatments, but I do know Nutrition plays a big role in skin health. Eating plenty of fresh fruit & vegetables will help you get all those important vitamins and mineral needed for healthy hair, skin & nails such as vitamin C and vitamin A. Drinking enough water is also so important for healthy skin. You should be drinking at least 1200ml – 2000ml a day. More in warm weather or when exercising to replace to electrolytes you loose through sweat. Try not to use too much products on your skin and let it breathe when you can. There are loads of lotions and potions out there and can look and smell great…but smelling like a rose garden shouldn’t be the goal.

Sleep hygiene

This health trend is not about making sure your sheets are clean or that you’ve washed your face before clocking off for the night. Though those things are important. Sleep hygiene refers to having a bedtime routine that allows you to wind down for the night. Things like turning off screens or maybe listening to an audio book. You’ll need to find a routine that works for you. Also many people are now tracking their sleep on smartwatches to make sure they’re getting enough good quality sleep. These apps can tell you things like when you get your best quality sleep which can help you decide on the most effective bedtime etc. The average adult should aim for 7 – 9 hours of sleep. This number decreases with age. Some people require less, but that is the average recommended amount required for optimal health. Lack of sleep can lead to weight gain, increased stress, decreased cognitive ability and immunity.

Leading A More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

This health trend is important and if you are reading this rolling your eyes please keep reading. I don’t agree with things like Veganism being shoved into everyone’s faces and making agriculture out to being to sole cause of global warming. I do believe that if everyone done a little bit it would help. There are roughly 8 billion people on earth. If everyone at least took global warming seriously I think it would make a big difference. Health wise if you just cut back on meat, not cut it out, just cut back a nit. Try introducing a meat free day once a week. Change your view on where plant s come into our diet. Are they just a side dish, or can they be they replace meat as the star of the show 9yes they can 100%!). Coming from a meat eater who comes from a family of meat eaters I know this will take time, but baby steps are most effective. Why not try growing yor own frit and vegetables? Yo could make your own compost using old fruit peelings. This will get rid of food waste. Try to avoid buying water in plastic bottles. This will also save yo money. Invest in a good quality water bottle. You can get some really good thermal ones that can keep our drink hot or cold. If you live in a town or city try walking instead of driving if possible. This will help the environment while helping you become more active. Obviously living in Ireland this isn’t always possible. Weather and living out in the middle of nowhere can make walking to places difficult, also medical issues, and that’s ok. Do what you can and that’s the best yo can do.

Mental Health

I’m seriously hoping this health trend prediction is true. A lot more focus needs to be had on mental health. Especially with so many people literally isolating from friends and family. Depression, anxiety, bi-polar, eating disorders, LGBTQU issues, trauma. There is a very long list, each one of these issue s as important as each other. Even if you aren’t diagnosed with a mental health disorder you still need to look after your mental health. Having a trusted person to talk to about you problems, whether iit be a friend, a family member or a professional is very important. Never feel like something can’t be solved with help from others and never feel like you have to deal with things alone to be strong. Sometimes the bravest thin g you can do is ask for help.

So hopefully when you’re deciding on your New Years Resolutions you include these!

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